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Happy employees make
successful companies

We work with organizations of any size to help reduce employees stress levels and poor sleep habits which in turn increase productivity and retention.

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How stress affects your health

Discover why commit to help people thrive.

Why invest in wellness ?

1. Sleep deprivation and stress is a huge cost

In the UK only 200,000 days are lost because of employees absenteeism due to physical and mental health. In terms of numbers, the associate effect of poor sleep and mental health on productivity cost of £50 billion annually!

2. Wellness strategy in the workplace

Not even half of companies have a clear strategy. For those with a strategy, there is often a lack of execution as communicating about wellbeing internally is not enough.

3. Working environment is getting healthier

However it’s still a very low number of workplace that offer sufficient equipment for relaxation. We believe than less than 1% of companies have nap & meditation pods on-site.

4. Wellness programmes attract talents

According to a survey by Virgin HealthMiles, 87 percent of employees said they consider wellness benefits when considering an employer. Another study from the USA has shown that having the right wellness approach in the workplace increase retention by at least 15 percent.

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Our work with babylon !

We work with Babylon Health to help the management teams enhance their employees wellness during a period of rapid growth.

Our collaboration started with the first Zen workshop sessions which mixes an insightful talk about sleep with mindfulness exercises to emphasise on the importance of sleep and teach employees to manage stress and sleep better.

As Babylon, you can have your first Zen Workshop driven by a sleep and wellbeing expert and a nap pod installed in your office.

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Our Wellness Services

Get an office Pod

Fancy those Google nap pods? Well our pods bring more privacy and comfortness to nap, meditate or work peacefully.

Organise a talk or workshop

Our team of sleep & mindfulness can deliver a meaningful talk or engage with your employees through our designed Zen workshop.

Membership & discounts

Want to install a nap pod and receive insights? Also interested in our workshop? We provide a special membership and discounts to use our service out of the office.

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